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Study a Professional Certificate Course at CENTRE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA STUDIES in affiliation with Lion Science Park UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA NSUKKA

Professional Certificate Programmes include:
1. Certificate Course in E-Entrepreneurship – 4 weeks – N18,000
2. Certificate Course in Cybersecurity – 4weeks – N25,000
3. Certificate Course in Information Technology Law – 4 weeks – N60,000
4. Certificate Course in Web Development – 6 months – N150,000 (Offline Only)
5. Certificate Course in Social Media Studies – 4 weeks – N18,000
6. Certificate Course in Digital Marketing Technology – 4 weeks – N18,000


Corporate Training available for staff of organisations and institutions who are interested in our certification programmes.
Our robust and all-inclusive online learning platform gives you a practical approach to study with flexibility anywhere across the globe.

Our courses

Social Media Studies

Social Media Studies

We understand the power of social media to help businesses and institutions to stay connected with their customers and clients online and to enhance good communication and foster effective feedback....

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Digital Marketing.....

Digital Marketing

Our Course in Digital Marketing gives you the practical application for achieving a monumental growth in business by reaching and selling your products and services to over 4.5billion customers online.

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Cyber Security.......

Cyber Security

Understand the dynamics of cyber threats and learn the practical skills of staying safe on the internet as well as putting up security measures to stop every form of cyber-attack. Train with us to become an expert in....

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Web Development

Web Development

The home of every online business is the website, therefore, there is a growing need for businesses and companies to have professionals to give their online homes an exceptional touch for global...

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