Dr. Isaac I. Nnadi


Dr Nnadi is a practicing engineer who strongly believes that self-help through hands-on and brains-on science, engineering and technology practice must be the way forward for Nigeria and other Sub-Saharan 3rd World Countries to improve their techno

-economic development trajectory in order to (urgently) save themselves from the current disgrace of (avoidable) poverty and underdevelopment. His attitude, philosophy and desperate concern had been greatly influenced by his long years of in-service learning/apprenticeship under his master and mentor – the Legendary Professor Gordian Ezekwe who carefully trained and nurtured him in various aspects of Mechanical/Production engineering including machine design, solid fuel rocketry, petroleum refinery, project development, management and more … Nnadi’s engineering PhD (Machine Design Option) University of Benin which successfully solved the longstanding “Eccentricity error ‘e’ problem for Rotor Systems in Hydrodynamic Mode …” was seen by the examiners as having “opened new vistas in mechanical engineering.” Also, his outstanding MSc Thesis (involving the development of “On-line Wheel Glazing Monitoring By Sonic Radiation”) at Cranfield University (1978) earned him the special merit of ‘Researcher’ from his external examiner, a Sheffield University Professor. Nnadi’s wide experience and exposure covered his years as University Instructor at UNN; Senior Lecturer/Head of Department and one-time Pro-Dean of engineering at Federal University of Technology Makurdi where he helped to pioneer the setting up of the New University. He subsequently was appointed Chief-Executive of a Federal Research Institute – the Scientific Equipment Development Institute SEDI-Enugu where he revolutionized their operations and won the National Productivity Order of Merit Award for the Institute which was also ranked as “Flagship of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology” by each successive Minister. He also won a special recognition by the Central Bank Nigeria (CBN), Nigerian Society of Engineers Award for excellence as well as the UNN Faculty of Engineering highest Award of Engineer par Excellence (2010). In addition to the successful completion of several projects at different levels of professional sophistication, Dr Nnadi has served as Project Consultant to various International and Local Organizations including WHO (World Health Organization) as National Engineering Consultant; American Rolling Mill Corporation (ARMCO), UK Subsidiary Letchworth UK; Anambra State Government on a Machine Building Project (1979); Greenford Energy Port Harcourt on SCADA Monitoring Systems etc; Hydraulic Research Development Center Ugwueke; Raw Material Research & Development Council (RMRDC); National Center for Technology Management (NACETEM); National Bioresource Development Center Odi, Bayelsa and so on … Nnadi is also a member of UNNConsult. He has gained various Fellowship Awards: Netherlands Fellowship Award For Machine Building Eindhoven University, British Council Visiting Fellowship to Strathclyde University, to Loughborough University, to Cranfield University, to University of York for Special International Programme on Primary Science – Indian Government Fellowship, Balanaga Institute for Special Programme on Industrial Development; Member Nigerian Delegation UNESCO Science Conference, Paris, France; G15 Cairo, Egypt; G15 Jakarta, Indonesia, G15 Xiaming, China… Served on several National Strategic/Policy Committees 150-man Special National Committee on Science and Engineering Infrastructure (1992) Special Presidential Committee (1992) Special Strategic Committee on Federal University Oyo-Ekiti 2011 etc. Dr Nnadi expects Science and Technology Parks in 3rd World economies to among other things serve as the success formula for activating knowledge-induced and knowledge-propelled progressive industrial development such as being modelled by Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, India and others with excellent results.