Dr. Sven-Thore Holm


Dr. Sven-Thore Holm is a graduate of Lund University Sweden. He has held several top positions in innovation since 1972. He was the Head of Division Industrial Pollution Control Unit Governors

office, Malmö, Scania State, Sweden; Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SUN-Foundation, Malmö, responsible for the planning of Ideon, the first Science Park in Scandinavia. In 1985, he became the CEO Ideon Center AB, Lund. Thereafter, to took the mantle of leadership as the CEO Foundation for Technology Transfer in Lund (one of seven national technology transfer foundations). In 1994, Sven-Tore became the CEO Teknopol AB, Lund and the CEO Innovation Bridge South AB (Innovationsbron Syd) in 2005 till 2008. Dr Tore speaks German and English fluently and a little bit of French. In 2006, Dr Holm served as a Lecturer on Innovation System at Tongji University, Shanghai, China. Dr Sven also served in various capacities on the board of several companies and institutions: Medeon Science Park, Malmoe, Sweden; Krinova Science Park, Kristianstad, Sweden; TII. Technology, Innovation, Information, Luxemburg; Sv. Handelsbanken, Lund; LogistikCenter I Ljungby AB, Sweden; TeknoSeed AB, Sweden; Epsilon High Tech Innovation AB, Sweden; LundaVision AB, Sweden; Teknologisk Innovation A/S, Denmark; Öresund Science; Chairman Venture Cup Sweden and Venture Cup South, Sweden; Kalmar BioScience AB, Sweden; Karlskrona Innovation Center, Sweden; Member of National Incubator Committee (VINNOVA); National Danish IT Incubator; Öresund Science Region/Innovation; Ideon Investment Fund Ldt; Teknopol AB, business dev; Chairman, Lund University Tech. Group, patent/licensing; STIL. Found. Of Incubators in Lund; Krigskassan AB, investment company; Ecobalans AB. Dr Holm is Founder and chairman of SWEDEPARK, national organization of Science Parks in Sweden He has also served as a Senior Advisor of Region Scania Innovation System delegation to Guangdong Province, China; on Innovation System to Shaanxi Province, China; Senior Project leader to Lund University arranging Innovation In Mind 2009, during the Swedish chairmanship of EU, Lund; Senior advisor Region Skåne, Innovationsystem World Expo 2010, Shanghai; Senior Advisor to the Russian Government, Project Innograd; Senior Advisor Sweden- Ukraine Technology Days, Lviv, Ukraine; Senior Advisor toSweden-Ukraine Technology Days,Donetsk; Ukraine; Head of Delegation Sweden-Indonesia Entreprenurial Academy, Jakarta; Project leader, Rwanda, Africa, National Innovation System. Senior Advisor on Innovation System to State Department, and University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia Dr Holm enjoys outdoor life, fishing and travelling