Emeka Ugwu-Oju

(2nd Vice Chairman)

Emeka Ugwu-Oju, BSc. Economics, University of Nigeria & MSc. Economics, University of Lagos, is an Economist, Entrepreneur and Civil Society Activist. Emeka started his career in 1980 when he joined Afribank Plc. then known as International Bank for West Africa(IBWA) after completing the mandatory National Service (NYSC) in the then Bendel State.

He resigned from the Bank 10 years later after reaching the position of Chief Foreign Exchange Dealer to found an Investment company, M and M Investment Ltd which has invested in the following companies – M&M Securities Ltd, M&M Insurance Brokers, M-Properties Ltd, M-Oil Ltd, M-Cross Ltd, AWML Ltd and Fyodor Biotechnologies Ltd. As a Civil Society activist, Emeka is an active member of the following groups – NADECO, Good Governance Group (GGG), Concerned Nigerian Professionals and Entrepreneurs Forum, Southern Professionals, South- East South-South Professionals of Nigeria(SESSPN). He completed his tenure as the President of SESSPN in December 2016 and under his leadership the organization produced a robust 20 year Development Plan for the 11 States of the SESS named DASESS 2035. SESSPN is currently facilitating a private-sector driven Development Fund for the SESS region. Emeka in 2016 founded Nigeria and Entrepreneurship: Summit & Honors(NESH), a national platform for the promotion and celebration of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria. He believes firmly in Entrepreneurship as a major catalyst for national development. An avid golfer and soccer buff, Emeka is happily married to Nkechi, a lawyer and grassroots politician and they are blessed with three children.